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Author: Horace Seldon

Title: Anti-Slavery Society formed

City: Worcester, Mass,


Start date: 1842-07-15

End date: 1842-07-15

Content: An Anti-Slavery Society has recently been formed in Worcester, auxiliary to the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society, numbering about one hundred members.

The following is a list of officers for the present year.
Perrin Bliss, President; Gerry Valentine, Vice President; James W. White, Secretary and Treasurer
Managers: S.V. Stone, Francis Wood, Sarah H. Earle, Mary F. Jewett

(Liberator, July 15, 1842, pg 4)

Notable people involved: Perrin Bliss
Gerry Valentine
James W. White
S.V. Stone
Francis Wood
Sarah H. Earle
Mary F. Jewett

Citations: Liberator, July 15, 1842, pg 4

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