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Author: Horace Seldon

Title: Western New York Anti-Slavery Society formed

City: Western New York

State: NY

Start date: 1843-01-06

End date: 1843-01-06

Content: Western New York Anti-Slavery Society created

The committee appointed to take into consideration the propriety of forming a Western N.Y. Anti-Slavery Society, submitted the following resolution: …………………….

A committee consisting of J.A. Collins, Lewis Burtiss, Cyrus Thompson, Sampson Robbins, Sylvia P. Mead, Mary Ann McClintock, Pliny Sexton, Amy Port, J.C. Hathaway adjourned, and met again at 2 o’clock P.M……….

Officers chosen: President: Samuel D. Porter, Rochester; Vice President: ten people listed by towns; Executive Committee: 19 people, listed by towns; Corresponding Secretary: J.C. Hathaway; Recording Secretaries, Nelson Bostwick, John Kedzie; Treasurer: Benjamin Fish.

(Liberator, Jan 6, 1843, pg 2)

Notable people involved: J.A.Collins
Lewis Burtiss
Cyrus Thompson
Sampson Robbins
Sylvia P. Mead
Mary Ann McClintock
Pliny Sexton
Amy Port
J.C. Hathaway
Samuel D. Porter
Nelson Bostwick
John Kedzie
Benjamin Fish

Citations: Liberator, Jan 6, 1843, pg 2)

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