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Author: Horace Seldon

Title: Anti-Slavery Society in New Bedford

City: New Bedford

State: MA

Start date: 01-26-1847

End date: 01-26-1847


New Bedford, Jan 26, 1847

A meeting of the friends of the slave was held on the above evening, in the Rev. Mr. Leland’s school-room, for the purpose of forming an Anti-Savery S.ociety, auxiliary to the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society.

Officers elected: President: John F. Emerson Vice President: Daniel Ricketson Secretary and Treasurer: Wm. C. Coffin Corresponding Secretary: Wm. P. Atkinson Counsellors: John Bailey, Caroline Weston, Solomon Peneton, Grace F. Emerson, N.A. Borden

(Liberator, Feb 5, 1847, pg 3)

Notable people involved: John F.Emerson
Daniel Ricketson
Wm. C. Coffin
Wm. P. Atkinson
John Bailey
Caroline Weston
Solomon Peneton
Grace F. Emerson
N.A. Borden

Citations: Liberator Feb. 5, 1847,pg 3

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